PureDMG Mission

PureDMG was founded in 2021 by industry veterans Eleanor Davis and Paul Younger as a passion project.

Our mission is to provide an ecosystem for gamers and the games they are passionate about. To share gaming experiences and ideas. The goal is to inform players about the games they love and engage with the community. PureDMG is primarily about the fans, they are what makes gaming so enjoyable.

While communities are now spread far and wide across the Internet on social platforms, PureDMG brings people and gaming information together. Over the years, real friendships have been formed in our communities which is an important part of PureDMG.

The PureDMG founders have worked with many publishers over the past 25 years to help engage gaming communities with their products. Both founders have more than two decades of experience in community management, marketing, and advertising in the videogame sector.


Eleanor Davis

Eleanor Davis created what was probably the first videogame fan community on the Internet back in 1995 winning numerous awards for her work on content and community engagement. Eleanor created game communities that became go-to resources for gamers including the Diablo franchise, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Warcraft 3, and more. After a two-year break from the industry, Eleanor co-founded PureDMG with Paul Younger.

In the early years, Eleanor also helped found the world’s first videogame cafe with Paul Younger in 1995 based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This included holding some of the UK’s first large-scale LAN events called The Gathering and Fusion.

Paul Younger

Paul started in the industry with Eleanor when they created the world’s first videogame cafe. Paul has been involved with all technical aspects of their previously acquired businesses including infrastructure and development for the past 25 years.

Paul has vast experience in the sector having worked in editorial, marketing, and advertising sales in recent years, including most recently, as the European Sales Director for a large videogame media company. Paul departed that role in 2019 and took time out from the videogame sector.

When Paul is not working on PureDMG, he is also Head of Business and a Director at game developer Freesphere Entertainment.

Paul and Eleanor joined forces again in 2021 to create PureDMG, their latest project to bring gamers together.